RE:ACT helps communities and organisations respond to unexpected and sudden events.

We are a rapid humanitarian response organisation, combining the best of humanitarian, military and emergency services crisis response and management.

RE:ACT Responders are highly skilled and highly trained, specialising in high tempo, dynamic and complex environments – rapidly deploying to the centre of humanitarian emergencies to plug gaps and bolster critical infrastructure.

The majority of our Responders come from the military, with a significant number also from the emergency services and humanitarian backgrounds.

Since 2017, RE:ACT has responded to 17 national and international emergencies and disasters. We have helped over 644,419 people worldwide, including operations in the Caribbean, Asia pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa.

During Covid, RE:ACT provided critical support to frontline organisations and vulnerable communities, including with PPE and emergency food distribution, mortuary assistance, support to critical care staff in NHS hospitals and community testing and mass vaccination centres.

RE:ACT has deployed teams in response to complex disasters in Nepal, Indonesia, The Bahamas and Mozambique, working closely with affected communities, as well as regional and international humanitarian actors, including the UN.

We are delighted to be supporting the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games as an Official Military Veteran Provider.