South Africa's Michaela Whitebooi celebrated Judo gold in the women's -48kg competition with victory over India's Shushila Devi Likmabam at Coventry Arena on Monday.

In the golden score round, the 26-year-old judoka effected a waza-ari to win the final, with England's Amy Platten and Katryna Esposito - who claimed Malta's first medal Birmingham 2022 - sealing bronze.

Whitebooi was delighted to keep her focus to claim gold, saying: "I knew I had to go out, nothing to lose. I pushed and I’m happy obviously at the end with the result.

"It's really big because I am showing I can get results internationally and I’m proud of myself - even without my coach being here.”

On her match-winning throw, she added: “You know what, it was just body reaction but I think I envisioned that throw even before I went on to the mat. I really wanted to win with that throw and I’m really happy that I did.”

England's Ashley McKenzie successfully defended his 2014 title - with Judo missing from the Gold Coast programme - as he beat compatriot Samuel Hall in the -60kg category.

The 33-year-old top seed's victory was confirmed by ippon (combined techniques) as Australia's Joshua Katz and Vijay Kumar Yadav of India claimed the bronze medals. 

I’m going to have a chilled night and I’m happy. I’ve done my job, what I’ve come to do
Ashley McKenzie

McKenzie was proud to keep his title and was looking forward to a quiet celebration, saying: “It feels amazing. Eight years ago I won it and I’ve won it eight years on. Everyone says I’m the old one in the group but look - I’ve got a gold baby and I couldn’t care less.

“I’m happy, I’ve done it in front of my family, I’ve done it in front of Luke, one of my coaches, my family, my girls.

“I’m going to have a chilled night and I’m happy. I’ve done my job, what I’ve come to do.”

Tinka Easton claimed gold for Australia in the -52kg competition with victory over Canada’s Kelly Deguchi as Charne Griesel of South Africa and Yasmin Javadia of Northern Ireland sealed bronze.

Easton admitted she was over the moon to see her dream come true, saying: "It's so exciting.

"It's something I've been dreaming about for the last few years. It's very exciting to make it happen.

"I was falling behind the pace a bit and picked up a few penalties. It came to a point where I knew I had to switch it on and go - and it turned out OK."

Georgios Balarjishvili of Cyprus won the men's -66kg title after seeing off Scotland's Finlay Allan in the gold medal match with the bronze medals going to Northern Ireland's Nathon Burns and Australia's Nathan Katz.

Christa Deguchi made sure the fifth gold of the day went to a fifth different country as she claimed the title for Canada after getting the better of England's Acelya Topra in the women's -57 contest.

Scotland's Malin Wilson claimed bronze as did Christianne Legentil of Mauritius.