This summer, Birmingham 2022 hosts not only a fantastic array of sport and competition, but a stellar line up of cultural activities too. The Birmingham 2022 Festival will celebrate the city like never before and makes for a wonderful accompaniment to our sporting extravaganza.

There are festival events happening across the West Midlands during Games time that are ideally located within short distances from our sport venues and stadia. The festival programme is creative, loud and celebratory with events that catch the eye, boost curiosity and bring sport and culture together. We have collated some of the best sport sessions happening this summer and handpicked festival items to compliment your day…hard to resist, we know!

When at Smithfield, Central Birmingham

This summer Smithfield will be home to the highly anticipated Basketball 3X3, Wheelchair Basketball 3X3 and Beach Volleyball. The Birmingham skyline will frame some incredible games and matches and the Birmingham 2022 Festival will also have a presence at the iconic Smithfield location. Tickets to see basketball at Smithfield will allow you to see both Basketball 3X3 and wheelchair Basketball 3X3, as part of Birmingham 2022’s fully integrated para sport programme. The Beach Volleyball programme offers an exciting chance to see powerful, high-octane sport as the sun sets over Smithfield.

Sport Sessions: Basketball 3X3, Wheelchair Basketball 3X3 and Beach Volleyball

Basketball 3X3 and Wheelchair Basketball 3X3

  • Friday 29 July, 19:30-22:00, Matches include Men’s Basketball 3X3, Women’s Basketball 3X3, Men’s Wheelchair Basketball 3X3 and Women’s Wheelchair Basketball 3X3
  • Monday 1 August, 19:30-22:30, Semi-final matches include Men’s Basketball 3X3, Women’s Basketball 3X3, Men’s Wheelchair Basketball 3X3
  • Tuesday 2 August, 19:30-22:00, Gold medal matches include Matches include Men’s Basketball 3X3, Women’s Basketball 3X3, Men’s Wheelchair Basketball 3X3 and Women’s Wheelchair Basketball 3X3

Beach Volleyball

  • Monday 1 August, 19:00-22:00, Rwanda v Maldives Men’s Match, New Zealand v Tuvalu Men’s Match and New Zealand v Ghana Women’s Match
  • Wednesday 3 August, 19:00-22:00, South Africa v Maldives Men’s Match, England v New Zealand Men’s Match and Canada v New Zealand Women’s Match
  • Thursday 4 August, 19:00-22:00, St Kits and Nevis v Sri Lanka Men’s Match, England v Vanuatu Men’s Match and Trinidad & Tobago v Sri Lanka Women’s Match

Festival Event: Amaechi at 3X3 Smithfield Court

Three Birmingham basketball players, three percussionists and an electronic musician run, jump, shuffle, bounce and play across the 3X3 practice court of the Commonwealth Games creating an energetic and sonically rich performance that sits in the space between sport and music. This action is frequently interspersed by three singers quoting in close harmony the inspiring words of psychologist and former NBA player, John Amaechi, the first basketball player to come out as gay in the very straight world of sports.

This queer-led performance is a celebration of sport, teamwork, collaboration, difference, and the human spirit, whilst also drawing attention to the difficulties faced by queer people in sport, and the status of queer people in 35 Commonwealth countries that criminalise homosexuality, 13 of which punish homosexuality with imprisonment or death.

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Festival Event: Anthem Anthem Revolution

In Anthem Anthem Revolution, participants battle a table tennis robot to hear a new national song as written by children, an anthem that reflects their hopes and dreams for the country. Inspired by rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero, each time a ball is returned, we hear a child's voice accompanied by a new musical element, building to a new track for a new generation.

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When in Coventry

Coventry Arena will be the location for the Judo and Wrestling. Strength, technique and strategy will be put to the test, allowing spectators to witness controlled opponent domination and skilful throws. Pair your day out watching intense and dynamic sport with an event from the Birmingham 2022 schedule for a fantastic day out.

Sport Session: Judo and Wrestling

Judo: Preliminary rounds and Medal sessions run from August 1 to August 3, twice a day at 10am and 5pm.

  • Monday 1 August, 10:00-15:00 – Women’s 48kg, Women’s 52kg, Women’s 57kg, Men’s 60kg and Men’s 66kg
  • Tuesday 2 August, 10:00-15:00 – Women’s 63kg, Women’s 70kg, Men’s 73kg, Men’s 81kg
  • Wednesday 3 August, 10:00-14:30 – Women’s -78kg, Women’s +78kg, Men’s -90kg, Men’s-100kg and Men’s +100kg

Wrestling: Preliminary and Medal sessions run on August 5 and 6, twice a day at 10:30am and 17:00pm.

  • Friday 5 August, 10:00-13:30 – Women’s Freestyle 57kg, Women’s freestyle 62kg, Women’s freestyle 68kg, Men’s Freestyle 65kg, Men’s freestyle 65kg, Men’s freestyle 86kg and Men’s freestyle 125kg
  • Friday 5 August, 17:00-19:30 – Medal contests and medal ceremonies – Women’s freestyle 57kg, Men’s freestyle 65kg, Women’s freestyle 62kg, Men’s freestyle 86kg, Women’s freestyle 68kg and Men’s freestyle 125kg
  • Saturday 6 August, 10:30-13:30 – Women’s Freestyle 50kg, Women’s Freestyle 53kg, Women’s Freestyle76kg, Men’s freestyle 57kg, Men’s freestyle 74kg and Men’s freestyle 97kg
  • Saturday 6 August, 17:00-19:30 – Medal contests and medal ceremonies - Men’s freestyle 57kg, Women’s Freestyle 50kg, Men’s Freestyle 74kg, Women’s freestyle 53kg, Men’s freestyle 97kg and Women’s freestyle 76kg

Festival Event: Nation's Finest, Putting Down Roots and Birthing displayed at live sites across Coventry

Rooting the work in her home region and hosting city, Bennett pays homage to the pioneering Blk Art Group and its legacy and influence on the art scene and her practice more personally. Bennett's multifaceted work will comprise of local gatherings, photographic public billboards and a short film displayed on digital live sites across Wolverhampton, Coventry and Birmingham.

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When in Wolverhampton

Sport Session: Cycling Time Trial

West Park in Wolverhampton will welcome world class cyclists set to make their best time yet as they cycle through Wolverhampton in the Time Trial. Cyclists will set off at one-minute intervals, taking on a route of 37km for men and 29km for women. Spectators are invited to line the route of the Time Trial, a free experience guaranteed to offer excitement and thill.

Few tickets remain to be on the start and finish lines where the winners will be crowned, and medal ceremonies will take place.

It is approximately a 20-minute walk from West park to Wolverhampton Gallery where the following Festival event will take place.

Festival Event: Where is Home at Wolverhampton Art Gallery

An Indian Summer presents a national exhibition exploring the global story of Indian migration to the UK. The story begins after the abolishment of slavery and takes audiences on a journey to the present day. 2022 is a momentous year for South Asian heritage, marking the 75th anniversary of partition and independence, alongside the 50th anniversary of Asian Ugandan migration.

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When in Central Birmingham

Arena Birmingham will host Rhythmic Gymnastics sessions in which beautiful movement matches music and athleticism matches magnificently controlled apparatus. Balance, speed and flexibility from some of the worlds leading gymnasts will make for a fantastic experience, showing a variety of disciplines.  

Sport Sessions: Rhythmic Gymnastics

The preliminary rhythmic gymnastics session will be held from 12pm on August 4. Following this, the three medal sessions will take place on:

  • Thursday 4 August, 12:00-15:30 - team final and individual qualification
  • Thursday 4 August at 18:00-21:30 – team final and individual qualification and team medal ceremony
  • Friday 5 August at 13:30-17:30 – Individual all round final and individual all round medal ceremony
  • Saturday 6 August at 10:00-13:00 – hoop final, hoop medal ceremony, ball final, ball medal ceremony, clubs final, clubs medal ceremony, ribbon final and ribbon medal ceremony.

It is a 20 minute walk from Arena Birmingham, to Centenary Square and Symphony hall where the following Festival events will take place.

Festival Event: Healing Gardens of Bab, Centenary Square

New Zealand/Aotearoa artists Rosanna Raymond and Jaimie Waititi present a SaVAge K'Lubroom in a secretive corner of Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. The installation reclaims the gentlemen’s clubs of the same name first established in London in the 19th century.

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