Miss Macaroon is a community interest company that reinvests 100% of its profits in supporting young people who are long-term unemployed to build their skills and confidence and get back into work. We support 18 -35 year olds who are on the Autism Spectrum, lone parents, ex-offenders, have mental health issues, learning difficulties, disabilities, and those at risk of homelessness.

The CWG MacsMAD project is a programme of employability support, training and coaching of long-term unemployed young people to access job opportunities with caterers in the Newtown CWG campus. Our longstanding relationship with Newtown and Aston Job Centres and our intensive training and coaching programme will ensure that we can support young people to access employment opportunities and be a part of the Games. Our training programme focuses on young people’s resilience and work skills, with many opportunities to practice working in a high pressured catering environment to get them used to the realities of working in the industry.

Website: missmacaroon.co.uk

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