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It’s been ten days since we revealed the Birmingham 2022 countdown clock. Time really does fly! This means there’s now only 860 days to go until the opening ceremony.

We thought we’d take this opportunity to share with you some facts about the clock, which now has pride of place in Centenary Square, in front of the Library of Birmingham.

  • It took 16 craftsmen and women 122 hours to build the clock structure before being transported in parts to its home in Centenary Square.

  • 2000 individual components were used to create the Birmingham 2022 Countdown Clock.

  • The total 23m length, of the 25cm diameter steel tubing that makes up the Birmingham B was sprayed meticulously by hand over 4 days, by 2 craftsmen.  It took 5 coats of paint and a final gloss lacquer that will protect it from any UV fade, to create this vibrant structure.

  • A steel cradle for the Birmingham B to be transported in, was purpose-built around the structure.  Just before the lift into place, it was mechanically cut from the B to allow the lift.

  • In order to create seamless corners on the 3D B, these sections were individually moulded first and an innovative, 3D printed steel section was made to ensure perfect fit in between each of the 7 connections.

  • The structure weighs approx. 8 tonnes and measures 5.6m in height, 9.2m in width and is 5.7m deep.

  • The countdown clock face itself, is made up of 12 individual, 15cm digits and measures 1.8m across.

If you’re in the area, pop along and see the clock. If you post a photo, make sure you add the hashtag #B2022 and you can even tag the location as ‘Birmingham 2022 Countdown Clock.’

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