Project Details

The 2021 Youth Summit aims to increase awareness and engagement for the Games, with young people across the region as it seeks to celebrate our global community and unlock young people’s potential.

In the same year that the Youth Commonwealth Games is held in Trinidad and Tobago, the Youth Summit will produce events with young people from Birmingham, the UK, and the commonwealth, using their state-of-the-art facilities to gain ideas and galvanise enthusiasm around the event.

The summit, which will be led by young people from design through to implementation, aims to identify how the Commonwealth Games can strike a chord with young people and the communities around them. Summit topics decided by the young people are Education (June 2021), Sustainability (November 2021) and Intercultural Relations (April 2022) .

This will be a youth-led, first-class, international event, providing a platform to connect young people from across the Commonwealth and encourage a better understanding of the Commonwealth, ensuring young people are at the heart of future editions of the Games.

The result of the Youth Summit will be a series of recommendations and suggestions that can influence, how and why young people are engaged in the Games and form part of a long-term strategy, feeding into the broader development of internationalism.

Start Date: 1st June 2021

End Date: 31st July 2022


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