Project Details

Promoting awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution in schools through a book written for primary schools by Professor Gatrad called The Story Of Three Plastic Bottles.

The project is to inform, activate and galvanise people into doing something about plastic pollution. The book expounds the principles of WASUP : Raising awareness, educating children and organisations, picking litter, encouraging recycling of plastic and putting pressure on supply chains to decrease plastic in their delivery systems.

  1. Once parents and children have read the book they are already disseminating the information and getting together with their friends and relatives to litter pick from streets and canals
  2. The scourge of plastic is threating planetary health and contributing to climate change and loss of eco-systems. All these have created the biggest health emergency mankind has ever known.
  3. This book with very powerful messages flanked by a quiz and a poem will make people think of how they are abusing our planet, with plastic having an impact on air, soil and water – the very things our existence depends on. So the project will be a catalyst for change.

Location: West Midlands

Start Date: 1st September 2021