Project Details

The Family Mile (TFM) is a community driven health and wellbeing initiative, designed to support & empower families & individuals to take their first step into physical activity, towards happier, healthier lifestyles.

Accessible & engaging one-mile routes are delivered in the local area, by local Ambassadors at a time/place that works for them and their community. TFM is designed to ‘Bring People Together’ to do ‘Their Mile, Their Way’ regardless of age, ability or disability, we empower communities to break down and challenge barriers to accessing organised physical activity.

TFM works to ‘improve health and wellbeing’ by connecting communities to other services that are available to them. Ambassadors become ‘trusted friends’ signposting /handholding their milers into services that support their needs (health, social isolation, finance etc.). We offer Ambassadors MECC training so that become confident in having these conversations and can identify positive behaviour change cycles.

Start Date: 1st November 2021