Project Details

Legacy WM will develop a heritage and arts trail along the canal and have art installations en route that celebrate the industrial and Commonwealth heritage of the area. Trails could be seen on foot, bike, canoes and narrowboats. The trail will start from The Roundhouse and end at the Chance Glassworks. This is a four-mile stretch, and the Chance Glasswork exit is near the Sandwell Aquatic Centre. We will work with ten local community organisations along the canal route, and they will be assigned an artist who will help them to develop a piece of ‘art’—some of this may be sculptures, street art and photos.

The primary beneficiaries will be local people that are part of the ten organisations that we work with to develop the trail. They will have the opportunity to work with artists to develop an installation to showcase their artistic expression about their heritage that relates to the Commonwealth. This will develop greater ownership of their local canal and create pride in their local environment. The secondary beneficiaries will be local people that reside nearby, and it will give them an added reason to visit the canals. The art installation will generate tourism and encourage people to visit the route. The route links Birmingham City Centre to the Sandwell Aquatics and will be an alternative environmentally friendly travel option.

Start Date: 10th February 2022