Project Details

The project aims to capture stories and collect items from first-generation Commonwealth migrants that have settled and made the West Midlands their home.

This is a regional project with Birmingham Museum Trust, Sandwell Council and Herbert Art Gallery & Museum.

The project will focus on keys areas of migration and settlement within the region. The project works with established agencies that have built trust with local people and undertake our own outreach work to encourage people to share their stories. A photo booth and oral history recording stations are used, inviting people to come and share their stories, items and old photos. The stories, items and old photos will be used to develop an exhibition at Birmingham Museum during the Commonwealth Games as part of the cultural programme. The exhibition will be hosted at the Herbert Museum in Coventry and the Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery in Sandwell. We will develop resources that can be used in schools and online resources and train young people to use tool kits to collect stories from their grandparents.

Location: Birmingham

Start Date: 10th February 2022