Project Details

Run Brum Crew is not a typical running club. It's a community.

Run Brum Crew is the first running crew to be established in Birmingham with England Athletics licensed Run Leaders. Its weekly Crew Run is FREE to everyone.

Unlike most running clubs that focus primarily on the physical benefits, the focus of this group is on the mental and social benefits that running can bring.

PBs are not the sole aim of its runs. Members look out for each other, hang back when necessary, and make sure everyone makes it back to the Crew Social. The culture is one of inclusivity, attracting people who never previously thought of themselves as 'runners'.

Whereas most people go home after work or a gym to exercise, Run Brum Crew is a "Catalyst for Change" giving city centre residents and workers an opportunity to take part in group sport for free.

Location: Birmingham City Centre

Start Date: 25th March 2019