Project Details

Rackets Cubed is a new and innovative intervention, that delivers integrated sport, education and nutrition programs with the aims of improving the lives and aspirations of vulnerable and disadvantaged primary schoolchildren.

Rackets Cubed partner with local “Aspirational Hosts” such as Birmingham, Imperial, and Hull Universities, with inner-city schools of high “Income Deprivation” ratings. The hosts provide access, court time and teaching infrastructure free of charge. Each program delivers weekly, year-round programme of support, led by sector-leading coaches and teachers focusing on combining high-quality physical activity with STEM and robotics teaching, and nutritional support.

There are currently 16 programmes operating across 11 Sites, in six locations (Birmingham, London, Manchester, Hull, Leeds and Wakefield). Each program has 25 to 30 children attending per week.

The programmes work with vulnerable and disadvantaged young people aged 7-11 who have grown up in areas where social deprivation is rife, poor physical health is prevalent and where opportunities to develop confidence, learn new skills and engage positively with the broader community are severely hampered. In a typical large city program, we have over 50% of children eligible for free school meals, 80% BAME and 75% have English as a second language.

Start Date: 10th February 2022