Project Details

Balsall Heath Carnival plan to deliver a series of events during the Academic Year up to Birmingham 2022 and beyond including a ‘Commonwealth Carnival’ in July 2022, which will bring people together from SE Birmingham, firmly putting the Commonwealth Games on their map.

In 2018 and 19 over 100 young people and 1000 spectators attended an unbranded event, watching participants from 7 schools compete in 5 events, ‘representing’ commonwealth countries. Preceding this was a procession led by local musicians and school bands/choirs, to really ‘get the party started.’

This year we will also run precursor events involving internal and external school competitions, curriculum days and Para-sport activities. We will implement a programme of ‘parent champions’ which will help the local area to grow, bring the local community together and lead to sustainable change. We currently and will continue to use social media and our links to national media organisations to help put the Games on the map.

Start Date: 10th February 2022

Social Media: Facebook