Project Details

Food Taste and Talk Pots events are here to engage with communities at a grassroots level and galvanise local small and medium-sized business.

Held in local shops and restaurants, the events will provide a taste of Birmingham’s rich and varied foods, cuisines and spices. These pop-up events would be an opportunity to hold cross-cultural discussions about past, current and future issues, including those relating to the history of sport and the Commonwealth Games.

Sports and Talk events will work with ex-offenders with qualifications in personal training, health and fitness and other fitness professionals from the local community to promote the value of sport and exercise. Some of these individuals will become role models for young, hard to reach people. In working with ex-offenders, this project seeks to offer them a second chance to show change is possible and can be sustained and is achievable through the power of sport.

Start Date: 1st January 2021

End Date: 26th July 2022


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