Project Details

The Jet Singh Trust is a BAME led organisation that provides opportunities for the most disadvantaged young people in the community.

A not for profit charity, the Trust promotes physical activity and sports for all, boosting mental and physical health also in bringing the community together to combat crime, social inclusion, discrimination, bullying and loneliness.

Kind Minds project is based on a group of six children from ages 5-15, being able to access our MMA centre.

They engage in exercise activity sessions, including fitness sessions. A life coach and counsellor is present for parents and children to talk with and share their concerns. Participants are allowed to make contact and arrange for their own private sessions of therapy.

The funding supports the mission to bring people together, improve children's health and be a catalyst for change for children from the most deprived areas.

Location: Wombourne, Wolverhampton

Start Date: 1st October 2020