Project Details

Ladywood Dance to Health is a diverse group led by a professional Dance Artist fully qualified in evidence-based fall prevention techniques. The group meet weekly helping to combat social isolation and provide a sense of purpose, being the highlight of their week. It brings people into one space enabling them to share a common interest.

In collaboration, the participants will have ownership over creating a Commonwealth Games inspired dance performance, facilitated by the Dance Artist. This project will enhance the participant's physical aptitudes, personal drive, facilitate creativity, performance skills, and teamwork.

Training and volunteering form an important element of this group, supporting their aspiration for sustainability. This is evidenced by the successful formation of a committee with participants taking key roles. The group has a dedicated group of ‘peer motivators’ proactively keeping the group connected with a sense of family, all support by Aesop along the way.

Location: Ladywood, Birmingham

Start Date: 1st January 2021


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