Project Details

HoBS – Hospices of Birmingham and Solihull –provides rapid and expert support for local people and their families at end of life. The project brings together each of the Hospice’s resources to form an emergency service, so the response can be quick, efficient and patient-centric. HoBS aligns with the Birmingham 22 mission of improving health and wellbeing as its implementation across the city is helping patients receive the expert help they need, when they need it.

The service helps the team maintain the ethos of hospice care, asking patients ‘What is important to you?’ before co-ordinating the patient care pathway. Working with other healthcare providers, the team assess whether patients need advice, community support or admittance to one of the hospice inpatient units. This means patients feel empowered to make decisions around their end-of-life care, especially as many would rather stay in the comfort of their own home, where they can be cared for by the Hospice at Home team.

Location: Birmingham St Mary's Hospice, 176 Raddlebarn Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham, B29 7DA, United Kingdom

Start Date: 6th April 2020


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