Project Details

The Equiano project couples access to legitimate work with holistic support, to help Survivors of Modern Slavery recover and rebuild their lives after exploitation.

Through seven social businesses, including cleaning, catering, construction and wood recycling enterprise, Wood Shack, people within the project can access supported, therapeutic work and are provided with extensive pastoral support, work-based training, learning opportunities and specialist legal advocacy. This pathway significantly reduces the risk of re-exploitation and facilitates recovery, social inclusion and economic independence.

Beneficiaries of the scheme come from all backgrounds in terms of age, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation and ability. They work and learn, build relationships and networks with other survivors, staff, volunteers and apprentices, reflecting the diversity of our city and the communities within it.

More information about the Equiano project and its social enterprises that you can visit is available on the Jericho website.

Start Date: 4th March 2020

End Date: 31st May 2022


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