Project Details

#DoingOurBit is a unique fitness platform which has been set up during the pandemic in the West Midlands and is exclusive for NHS staff. It has been designed by the NHS, for the NHS, and is free forever.

Bringing people together: The platform is for all NHS staff, regardless of age or fitness level. This is a platform where fit pros can say thank you to the NHS and give them a chance to be more active. We encourage staff to do these classes together virtually.

Improving health and wellbeing: As the physical and emotional impact of treating COVID-19 patients continues to take its toll, we provide workouts and relaxation sessions to help our NHS colleagues cope and lead healthier lives

Being a catalyst for change: This is a real opportunity to get NHS staff interested in exercise. There is evidence to show that happier healthy staff improve patient outcomes.

In the ukactive Awards 2021, #DoingOurBit creator Julie Davis, received a ‘Special Recognition’ Award from the judges for her part in creating the platform.

Location: Rednal, Birmingham

Start Date: 15th June 2020


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