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Official Mascot of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

World, Meet Perry.

Perry is Birmingham 2022’s official mascot! The best of Brum, second to none, our latest icon is an extra special, multi-coloured bull, and he can’t wait to meet you all when the Commonwealth comes to the West Midlands. 

Perry is a proper Brummie: strong, kind and a little bit cheeky, and he can’t wait to get the party started in 2022 when he’ll be seen by more than a billion people all over the world!

Go to Perry’s Features and find out about his name, his rainbow-coloured hexagons, his glistening gold medal, the stripes on his kit, and why he’s a bull, bab.

And if you’re on your mobile, don’t forget to tap below to bring Perry to life and #PoseWithPerry using your phone camera, or scan the QR code to #PoseWithPerry using our Instagram filter!

Narrated by creator and star of critically acclaimed BBC sitcom Man Like Mobeen, comedian Guz Khan.

Perry Colouring In Sheets

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Pose With Perry

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Perry Loves Sport!

He’s happy to give everything a go…

Perry's Story

By Cerrie Burnell

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