Self-proclaimed ‘Black Country bloke’ Kevin Dillon is the Head Coach at family-run Lions Amateur Boxing Club in Brierley Hill.

As a child, Kevin contracted viral meningitis which left him visually-impaired. Yet ever-determined, and despite not being able to compete in boxing, Kevin channelled his efforts into coaching instead.

In his 19 years coaching at the Brierley Hill-based club, Kevin has seen hundreds of boxers pass through its doors, from the age of six to 60, and has always aimed to get the best out of them, both physically and mentally.

Kevin always tries to adopt a positive mindset yet is open about admitting his own struggles, having overcome periods of anxiety and depression throughout his life. Because of this, Kevin is a champion for all the youngsters in sport who find may also find obstacles in their way.

In addition to his coaching, Kevin launched a podcast in 2019 called ‘Black Country Blokes’. Kevin’s vision for the podcast was an opportunity to talk openly about both the struggles and successes that men and boys go through, covering topics such as mental health, physical health, fitness, work, family and life in general, aiming to remove the stigma around taboo subjects.

And Kevin brings this ethos into his boxing gym. Kevin recently set up a men’s talking support group which involves an hour of training, followed by an hour to sit together and chat openly about whatever is on their mind.

It’s clear that Kevin’s passion for the sport, professionalism and kind-hearted nature has made this boxing gym become the heart of its community.