Haseebah Abdullah

Windmill Boxing Gym

Haseebah Abdullah is the first hijab-wearing boxing coach in England and is an incredible ambassador for women’s sport. 

She began training at Windmill Boxing Gym in Smethwick as a young girl alongside her four older brothers. Since then, she’s gone on to become one of the gym’s most respected coaches, working hard to specifically develop female participation in boxing amongst her community.   

Haseebah has played a huge role in making the sport more inclusive and she helped change official dress code rules to allow women to wear a headscarf and full length clothing when training or competing. 

She spends most of her evenings and weekends at the club, but it has never felt like a chore for Haseebah, as she is focussed on getting the best out of her community and unlocking their potential.  

Loved by 170 members of her club, Haseebah is known for her bubby character and for making others feel welcome and comfortable. This has led to improving the confidence of club members and membership numbers increase.   

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