Triathlon and Para Triathlon

Friday 29 July and Sunday 31 July

What to expect

Combining swimming, cycling and running, Triathlon is a true test of fitness, tactics and endurance. Athletes will jostle for position in the open water, transition to the bike for an arduous cycling leg, then they switch to running for the final discipline. Alongside the men’s and women’s races there is a mixed relay and two Para triathlon competitions. At Birmingham 2022 the Para events are for PTVI athletes, a classification for athletes with a visual impairment.

Where: The event starts and ends in Sutton Park in Sutton Coldfield, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, with the bike course also taking in the surrounding streets of Royal Sutton Coldfield and Boldmere. 



Date Timings
Triathlon: Women’s and Men’s Triathlon

Friday 29 July 2022 From about 11:00 until about 15:45
Para Triathlon and Mixed Team Relay

Sunday 31 July 2022 From about 11:00 until about 16:15

Start/Finish location: 
Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield.

Course length:


Disciple 1 Discipline 2 Discipline 3
Triathlon and Para Triathlon

Swim (750m) Bike (20km)   Run (5km)
Mixed Team Relay
(4 athletes per team)
Swim (300m) Bike (5km) Run (2km)


Sutton Park Transport Map
  • Bike leg will be epic

    We strongly suggest you make your way to the bike course. It will be exciting to watch the athletes fight it out over four laps of the course.

    Access to other areas of the course will be limited so this will be the best way to watch the most action.

  • Stay local

    There are great opportunities to view the action along the bike course but try to stay local if you live in or are staying in the area.

    Boldmere High Street, with all its amenities, will be a great place to watch from too but be prepared for the crowds as its expected to be popular.

  • Let public transport take the strain

    The best advice for spectators without tickets is to get the train to Wylde Green Station (rather than Sutton Coldfield Station), soak up the atmosphere on Boldmere High Street, and enjoy the short walk to take up your position along the bike course.

  • Expect the roads to be busy

    The best advice for spectators without tickets is to get the train to Wylde Green Station (rather than Sutton Coldfield Station), soak up the atmosphere on Boldmere High Street, and enjoy the short walk to take up your position along the bike course.

  • Leave no stretch unsupported

    Spectators are encouraged to spread out along the entire length of the bike course in particular, to support your favourite country or individual athlete. Competitors need your encouragement along the whole route, so please make your voice heard.

Before you leave home

Visit The Games Visit
  • Arrive early

    Don't miss a second of the action.

    To avoid disappointment, aim to arrive at your preferred viewing spot well before the start of the race.

  • Be prepared

    You are likely to spend most of your time outdoors so check the weather forecast and be prepared for all British summer time weather conditions.

    Appropriate footwear will be a must. All the cheering and celebrating works up an appetite, so bring a picnic with you or check-out the best place to grab a bite to eat near the course.

  • Ensure your phone is fully charged

    Everything you need for your day at the Games is accessible on your mobile phone, so be sure to charge it up before you leave.

    Don't worry about losing signal, as the Games App is available to use offline.

About the area - What to do and where to stay

The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield is one of the leafiest places in which to live in the UK. Excluding private gardens, more than half of the Town’s total land area is greenspace. Sutton Park, one of the largest urban parks in Europe at almost 10km2, accounts for around 17% of this total but there are many other important green spaces in the town.

Woodland and trees are an important feature of the town’s landscape and Sutton Coldfield is home to over half a million trees: more than five for every person living in the local area.

The town centre has a significant concentration of retail and other businesses, including the Gracechurch Centre and the Red Rose Centre. There is also a range of other bustling local areas within the town boundaries and the town is well connected with good access to the motorway network and a frequent rail service on the line which runs between Birmingham city centre and Lichfield.  

To find out more about what is on in the local area, please visit:  

If you’re visiting from further afield why not stay overnight and enjoy all that the region has to offer. 

Whether visiting for the day or staying a little longer, you’ll find lots to do in the area. Discover more about what to do and where to stay locally or elsewhere in the West Midlands here. 

  • Get Active

    If you’re travelling locally, walking or cycling will be the easiest way to get to where you want to view the event. Please see the course route to pick your spot.

    Cycling will be a great option as there will be dedicated bike parking facilities around the course. Please note, we encourage you to park your bike before viewing the event so there is more space for everyone.

    West Midlands Cycle Hire are offering 2 x 30 mins FREE rides, each day from 27th July – 8th August. Bikes are available 24/7, with docking stations at major bus, metro and train stations, visitor attractions and city or town centres.

  • Catch the train

    Wylde Green Station is the best option for those without tickets for the event as it gets you closest to the cycling course. Spectators with tickets are advised to use Sutton Coldfield Station for the shortest walk to their viewing area.

    If you have accessibility requirements, please note that both stations have step-free access to platforms and passenger assistance is available.

    Please contact the relevant train operator for further information. You can also use the Games Journey Planner to confirm your best options.

  • Take the bus

    The West Midlands bus network is extensive and could be a great option but please note services in the area could be subject to change on the day of the event due to temporary road restrictions.

    Please use the Games Journey Planner to plan your travel as it will reflect any temporary changes to usual operations and show you the best stop for you to view the event.

    If you have accessibility requirements, please note that all buses in the West Midlands are low floor and wheelchair accessible. They are designed for easy access for all, including those with pushchairs and buggies.

  • Taxi and Private Hire

    Please see the map below for local taxi ranks and designated taxi and private hire vehicle pick up and drop off locations.

    Due to road closures, these are the best locations to get your taxi or private hire vehicle to pick you up or drop you off during the event.

  • Driving

    There will be no parking near the route and road closures due to the race mean it will be difficult to drive through the area. We recommend spectators use active travel and public transport options wherever possible.

    Roads in the area are expected to be busy and will be subject to extensive road closures, including the roads on which the event takes place.

    These will be in place from about 06:00 until 18:00 on both Friday 29 July and Sunday 31 July. Vehicles will not be able to cross the course once it is closed however pedestrians will be able to cross at designated points. Some vehicular access will be maintained for local residents only. Full details of road restrictions are available by clicking here.

02:19 BST