The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games presents a significant procurement programme.

As a contracting authority, Birmingham 2022 is required to comply with Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (as amended) in the procurement of goods and services where public sector funding applies.

The regulations require Birmingham 2022 to run procurement processes which will be advertised in several places. If you are interested in becoming a supplier, please see the section marked Where to find Tender opportunities below for information on where to register and keep up to date on the latest opportunities.

What is procurement?

Procurement can be defined as the process of purchasing goods and/or services from an external source or supplier, often through a tender or competitive bid process.

As a public sector body, Birmingham 2022 is not profit-making, however is bound by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (as amended), in addition to its own internal financial regulations. The principles of the Regulations centre around fairness, transparency and value for money.

Tenders are contract opportunities published for goods, services and other works. They give all types of businesses an equal and fair chance to competitively bid for opportunities.


Birmingham 2022 Tenders

If you are interested in supplying goods, services and other works for the games, you can find out about our current opportunities via the portals below. It is free to register with all portals therefore it is highly recommended that suppliers register to receive notification of potential opportunities.

Find it in Birmingham

All advertised Birmingham 2022 opportunities will be published on

By registering on the site notifications will be sent as soon as opportunities are released in categories nominated when registering on the site. If unsure which categories are relevant, we suggest registering across a broad range of categories when setting up an account.

Contracts Finder

Where the contract value exceeds £25,000, the opportunity will also be published on the UK government’s Contract Finder.

Find a Tender Service

Some opportunities will also be published on the UK government’s Find a Tender Service.

These two government platforms are utilised by the wider public sector so opportunities will be visible far wider than Birmingham 2022 opportunities.

Some opportunities will not be governed by Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (as amended), however these opportunities may still be advertised against the links outlined above.

There are various tender procedures Birmingham 2022 uses to award contracts – the Contract Notice will also state which procedure will be used. Timescales for each procedure will vary – this will be communicated within the tender documents.

Procedure Value Summary
Request for Quotation (RFQ) Between £5,000 and £50,000 This procedure is typically used to invite suppliers to submit a price bid for standard products or services where the requirements are less complex and subject to OC Standard Terms and Conditions.
Formal tender procedure Between £50,000 and FTS Threshold This procedure is typically used for contract values above £50k and below the FTS Threshold. This allows eligible suppliers to tender using a single stage procurement process and is advertised on Contracts Finder ONLY.
Open Above FTS thresholds This is a procedure under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (as amended) for contracts above £189k which allows all suppliers to submit a bid using a single stage procurement process. This is advertised both on Contracts Finder and Find A Tender (FTS).
Restricted This is a procedure under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (as amended) for contracts above £189k which allows all suppliers to submit a bid using a two-stage procurement process. The first stage is the Selection Questionnaire Stage (SQ), once the SQs have been evaluated, the buyer will invite only those suppliers meeting the selection criteria to respond to the Invitation to Tender (ITT) by a set deadline.
Competitive Dialogue This is a multi-stage procedure under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (as amended) for contracts above £189k, whereby the needs of the contracting authority cannot be met without adaptation of readily available solutions. It is used for complex and high-risk requirements and permits dialogue with suppliers until a solution can be agreed.
Competitive Procedure with Negotiation Like the Restricted procedure, only shortlisted suppliers from the SQ are invited to participate in the ITT stage. The Contracting Authority then reserves the right to invite shortlisted suppliers from ITT to participate in negotiation/dialogue sessions before submitting a final tender. If requirements are met during the initial ITT phase, the Contracting Authority can award at that stage.
Frameworks Any Value Is an arrangement between one or more contracting authorities and one or more suppliers (pre-qualified) to provide certain types of services. The buyer can select suppliers and sets terms and prices for a period in advance, and then calls on the suppliers to deliver the specification when required. Buyers and suppliers still need to sign a contract (a ‘call-off contract’) for each service bought through a framework.

Birmingham 2022 uses Delta eSourcing as its e-tendering portal. Delta eSourcing is a web-based tool through which we manage the tender opportunities.

When a notice is published on Find It In Birmingham, Contracts Finder and/or Find A Tender Service, all the information and documents relating to the opportunity can be viewed on the portal.

To access the opportunity, you will need an access code. The access code is included in the link on the notice therefore by clicking the link this will automatically take you into the tender exercise on Delta.

Suppliers must register on Delta eSourcing to respond to a tender. If you are already registered, you will not need to register again, simply use your existing username and password. Please note there is a password reminder link on the homepage.

Register for a free account on the Delta eSourcing portal

Each tender will include a full suite of tender documents (including instructions for completion), that will provide all the information needed to submit a bid. Any questions relating to a tender opportunity must be directed through the message centre in the tender exercise in the portal.

Tenderers should not, unless advised in writing to the contrary by Birmingham 2022, rely on or prepare their Tender Responses on the basis of any correspondence or comments from Birmingham 2022 or its employees or agents that did not originate from Birmingham 2022 via the Delta eSourcing portal.

If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact the Delta eSourcing Helpdesk on telephone number 0845 270 7050 or via live chat on the site.

In addition to tenders, sometimes we carry out market engagement. Any market engagement carried out by Birmingham 2022 will be advertised via a notice on Find It In Birmingham, Contracts Finder and/or Find A Tender Service and will assist Birmingham 2022 in engaging with suppliers and constructing our approach to contract.

  • Check the advert dates – Is it a live tender or request for market engagement? Is the opportunity still open? A Contract Award Notice means that the competition has closed.
  • Read through all the documents – The tender pack will provide information on how the tender will be run, timelines, scope of works, details on how we will evaluate responses, contract terms etc. It is important to read all the documents and follow the instructions before submitting a response.
  • Join the market engagement session (if applicable) – This will help suppliers understand our business and requirements better.
  • Ask questions – Once the tender goes live suppliers can ask clarification questions on anything they are unsure about in relation to the tender through the message centre on the Delta eSourcing portal. For support using Delta, you can contact Delta’s technical team using their live chat function.
  • Templates and formats – Follow the guidance and page allowances for submitting a response. This will help evaluators quickly and easily review all bids in a standard format. Please ensure all supporting documentation is clearly labelled/referenced. Don’t include title pages, cover letters or other information.
  • Answer the question asked – Make sure all the required information is included taking note of the selection criteria. Don’t assume that your previous experience will be assessed if you haven’t actually included it in your response to the relevant questions. We can only score what is submitted, even if you have already worked with the organisation or have had previous contact with staff members. (Treat it like a bid for a new client who does not know you.) Keep answers concise but clear and do not cross reference other question responses – each question will be evaluated in isolation.
  • Allow plenty of time – Make a note of the tender closing  date and time by which the  response needs to be submitted. The tender documents can be lengthy and writing and returning your response may take longer than you expect. Allow time to review and upload your response before submitting, ensure someone sense checks the overall bid, if possible.
  • Alternative approaches – If you see an opportunity that you don’t have full capacity or capability to deliver there are various options you could consider:
    • Bid as a single entity for a specific Lot or Lots within a tender (only where this permitted by the tender)
    • Sub-contracting
    • Joint Ventures
    • Consortium

    Each approach will require different considerations and have different legal implications which you will need to understand prior to a bid being submitted. Your approach will need to be explained at the point of submitting a bid and different parties within the arrangements may be required to complete elements of the bid submission.

  • Other opportunities – If a tender has already been awarded there may be sub-contract/other opportunities via the awarded organisation. Details of the awarded organisation can be found in the contract award notice.

If you are appointed as a supplier, you will be required to complete supplier set up documents. We will then use the details in the forms to set you up on our purchase order system.

The forms required are:

  • Supplier set up form – This form captures basic information about your company as well as bank details and information which we will use for reporting.
  • Modern Slavery Declaration – This document confirms your compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.
  • Bank details on separate letter headed paper – We ask for this document as an extra security measure to protect ourselves and our suppliers against mandate fraud risk.

The forms will be issued on contract award. It is important to fully complete the documents promptly to ensure that we can issue a Purchase Order (PO) and pay any invoices without delay.

The Finance team will be in touch to conduct a bank verification check before payments can be made.

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