The Games gives us a chance to surprise, to show our rich array of cultures, faiths, and history. It will give individuals, communities, and businesses a chance to flourish. The Games will help us to recharge, rise, grow, and succeed, leaving a long lasting legacy and advancing our ambition for a fair and thriving region for all.

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games is 'The Games for Everyone'

We are proud that Birmingham 2022 will deliver the largest fully integrated para-sport programme for any Commonwealth Games and, for the first time in global multi-sport event history, more medals will be awarded to women than men.

By advancing equity on the field of play, we are inspired and challenged to mirror these firsts in our legacy work. We aim to deliver several Games’ firsts.

  • The first Commonwealth Games to create a carbon neutral legacy
  • The first time a social value requirement has been embedded in every tender for goods and services
  • The largest Business and Tourism programme of any Games
  • The first comprehensive and most ambitious community engagement programme
  • The first Games to fully integrate volunteers from all delivery partners into a united volunteering programme

The Games has the power to bring people together, improve health and wellbeing, act as a catalyst for change, help the region to grow, and put us on the global stage. These are the five pillars of our mission. This vision will be delivered through collaborative interventions and an inclusive approach.

The region already has a strategy to create a healthier, happier, better connected, and more prosperous West Midlands. And like the sporting achievements on the field of play, the Games will inject pace and purpose, bringing partners together around those ambitions. These Games will help to shape the recovery and renewal of Birmingham, the West Midlands and the UK as we look to build back better. Ours is a unique Commonwealth Games story and is where the legacy of Birmingham 2022 must begin.

When the curtain rises on the opening ceremony of the Games in July 2022 Birmingham, the West Midlands, and the whole UK will be at the centre of the international spotlight. The Games will be the largest multi-sport competition to be held in England in 10 years with a global broadcast audience of 1 billion, spanning over 11 days of sport. We want to use the Games to send a clear message that Birmingham, the West Midlands and indeed the whole of the UK is open for business.