Perry is Birmingham 2022’s official mascot! The best of Brum, second to none, our latest icon is an extra special, multi-coloured bull, and he can’t wait to meet you all when the Commonwealth comes to the West Midlands. 

Perry is a proper Brummie: strong, kind and a little bit cheeky, and he can’t wait to get the party started in 2022 when he’ll be seen by more than a billion people all over the world!

Go to Perry’s Features and find out about his name, his rainbow-coloured hexagons, his glistening gold medal, the stripes on his kit, and why he’s a bull, bab.


Narrated by creator and star of critically acclaimed BBC sitcom Man Like Mobeen, comedian Guz Khan.

Perry loves sport!

He's happy to give everything a go...

Why don't you have a go at colouring him in?