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Project Details

Sport Birmingham will be hosting a Volunteer Engagement event to coincide with Volunteers Week running 1st – 7th June. Our 'Volunteer Your Way' event will bring organisations and volunteers together to find out about the power of volunteering and to connect people from across the city. Our event will build momentum for volunteering within the city in the run up, during, and beyond the Birmingham 2022.

This event will strengthen relationships with clubs/orgs/people and provide links to volunteering opportunities. This event will celebrate and champion volunteering across Birmingham and provide opportunity to educate about the benefits of engaging volunteers, providing valuable experiences, and developing a flexible model of recruitment. We will showcase the part volunteering plays in providing opportunities for people to upskill, improve mental well-being and gain transferrable skills. Included will be a marketplace for new and existing volunteers to discover new opportunities.

Location: Birmingham

Start Date: 1st June 2021

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