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Project Details

The ‘Mental Health through Sport’ partnership involves individuals coming together in Birmingham to use sport to enhance the mental health of people across the city. Individuals working on this project are from Newman University, Sport Birmingham, BSMHFT and West Midlands Combined Authority.

The symposium series aims to have a symposium each year for four years leading up to 2022 (two symposia have already happened in 2018 and 2019), with a 2-day international conference in 2022 just before the Games begin. The symposia bring together 200 people to engage with presentations and workshops relating to mental health and sport and physical activity, therefore helping to bring people together.

The audience and speakers are a mix of academic researchers, health practitioners, coaches, sports clubs, local and national government, teachers, and charity workers. The aim is to share practice and experiences.

Location: Birmingham

Start Date: 16th December 2018

End Date: 26th July 2022

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Lifting Spirits Children's Hospital Commonwealth Choir

1st October 2021

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Sport Birmingham - Volunteer Your Way

1st June 2021

Sport Birmingham will be hosting a Volunteer Engagement event to coincide with Volunteers Week running 1st – 7th June. Our 'Volunteer Your Way' event will bring organisations and volunteers together…

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The NHS HIP (Health Improvement Project

1st March 2021

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 eBikeBrum decided to donate the use of our community e-bike equipment to frontline NHS staff to enable active, safe socially distanced travel to and from…

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