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Children in hospital will not be able to attend Birmingham 2022 events. The choir will help them feel a part of what is going on, will enable them to contribute to the wellbeing of others through being inspired by seeing the children sing and overcoming some of the challenges they face.

Being able to give is important for all of us but particularly children in hospital as they receive much care and benefit from being able to give themselves. We will recruit patients from Commonwealth countries creating a diverse and representative choir of our patients and of Birmingham. Where children cannot sing we can find ways of getting them to contribute through playing instruments or making supported contributions. Singing lifts spirits and is good for mental health and we will include patients who access the mental health services of the hospital. Families benefit from having something to be proud of and to share with family and friends as children in hospital miss out on so many activities.

Location: Birmingham

Start Date: 1st October 2021

End Date: 31st December 2023

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