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The ‘Active Together’ and ‘Sense Arts’ programmes provide opportunities to bring together diverse communities. Activities as part of both programmes engage people with complex disabilities through to people who have never connected with anyone with a disability before, in addition to young people through its children’s activities and older people through its specialist programme of activities that includes sports, arts, culture and health and wellbeing.

Sharing the same aims as the Birmingham 2022 Games Sense’s community space provides a venue in which disabled and non-disabled people can come together in a natural environment, to participate in activities that will celebrate diversity and naturally bring together communities that traditionally wouldn’t have had the opportunity to engage with one another, removing barriers that typically prevent people coming together.

On average, the Sense ‘Active Together’ programme provides three sessions per week across the West Midlands including activities such as cycling, swimming, gymnastics, cricket, football and yoga.

Sense also offers a multi-discipline arts programme focused on performance, music and visual arts. This gives people the time and space to experience, make, learn and work together. The intention is to raise the bar when it comes to community arts and create a space where disabled people are in positions of leadership and creative power.


Start Date: 4th March 2020

End Date: 26th July 2022

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