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Saying goodbye to Anguilla athlete

Rose Evans from Halesowen spent the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games volunteering in the athletes’ village, meeting and greeting stars from all over the world and making sure they were getting the transport they needed to and from their competition venues.  

“I loved feeling that I was part of a huge sporting event and trying to make sure that people enjoyed their time at the Games. Encountering so many athletes and fans from different countries was great fun. We were all working towards a common end and there was nothing but goodwill from all.”

Rose first saw how much fun volunteering was when she took her daughter to the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games, but it wasn’t until the sad death of her husband in 2010 that she decided to take the plunge and apply to volunteer at the London 2012 Olympics:

“Applying for and getting a volunteer position for London 2012 gave me a new focus. It was such a good experience I became hooked and had no hesitation in applying for Glasgow 2014. I love interacting with the public and hopefully enhancing their experience of the event.”

So what is so special about volunteering for a global multi-sport event like the Commonwealth Games?

“The friendliness of everyone involved, especially at the Commonwealth Games, is my biggest memory. We were all working towards a common end and there was nothing but goodwill from all. I enjoyed it so much I volunteered for two more events in Glasgow in 2017.”

Rose says volunteering made her realise how much she enjoys helping people, and wouldn’t hesitate in encouraging people to apply to volunteer at Birmingham 2022:

“It is a real thrill to feel involved in making such a big event happen. Feedback from other sporting events shows that volunteers’ friendly and welcoming faces have made the fans’ day more enjoyable. Little things like offering to take photos of a family so they can all be in the photo together can make a difference to how they enjoy their day.

“You may learn new skills depending on the role and gain confidence in dealing with people and solving problems. You will certainly meet lots of new people.”

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