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All You Need To Know About 3×3 Basketball

3×3 basketball will make its Commonwealth Games debut at Birmingham 2022, with the competition taking place with the backdrop of the city’s iconic skyline.

With less than two years to go until the games gets underway, you’ve got plenty of time to learn all about this exciting new format, and how 3×3 basketball differs from the regular game.

3×3 basketball (three on three) is an exciting game to play and it’s grown in popularity in recent years. So much so that Birmingham 2022 will see 3×3 basketball and 3×3 wheelchair basketball become part of the Commonwealth Games for the very first time!

How does the game work?

3×3 basketball is played with just one hoop on one half-court. The width of the court is exactly the same as the full-court game but differs in that the length is just 11 metres.

Fuelled with a fast-paced energy, the game lasts for only ten minutes with no half-time or quarters, which makes for an exhilarating watch as players are essentially on the move the entire time! Even after scoring, there are no breaks.

The game also has its very own 3×3 ball which is slightly smaller in size, to suit the faster speed of the game. And, as the name would suggest, the teams are made up of three players on the court, instead of the usual five, with one substitute on the bench.

Getting into the detail

A coin toss officially determines which team takes possession first. Contributing to the rapid nature of the game, players must take a shot within just 12 seconds of gaining possession of the ball.

The winning team is the first to 21 points or whichever has the most points after the 10-minute period. In such a short amount of time, players must be able to demonstrate teamwork, tactics and agility.

Incredibly entertaining, the game is often accompanied by a live DJ, to help create a party atmosphere.

We can’t wait to see this thrilling sport come to Birmingham in 2022, and our prime city centre venue of Smithfield, with the iconic Bullring shopping centre in the background, is the perfect location to experience it. Will you join us? Register your interest to be the first to find out more.

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