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The last year has taught us that we are stronger when we pull together as a community. Joining the Commonwealth Collective is your opportunity to give something back, inspire a generation and be a part of something special.  

The Commonwealth Collective celebrates what’s special about each and every volunteer. When we come together, we form something even more powerful: capable of great things, a shining example of the human spirit and deserving of celebration.  

Give Back

This is a great chance to give back to society, and be part of the biggest sporting and culture event ever to take place in the West Midlands.

Make Memories

You'll never forget your time volunteering, and many volunteers find they come away with a whole new set of friends.

Gain Experience

Challenge yourself and learn new skills - plus, volunteering with a major multi-sport event will look great on your CV.

Be Part of It

You'll become a part of a wider volunteering community who all work to make a difference, leaving their mark on Birmingham.

Rino from Coventry

Sporting Events Volunteer

“The thrill and excitement in being part of an historic sporting is like no other. Being part of a team of fellow enthusiasts, learning new skills, engaging with people from all walks of life and being challenged to put on a great show brings so much reward.”

Rino's Story

Penney 's Story

Volunteer at Glasgow 2014

“Volunteering is one of the best things that I have ever done. Anyone who volunteers at Birmingham 2022 will have the time of their lives and discover things about themselves, use their innate skills as well as develop a few more.”

Rose from Sutton Coldfield

Volunteer at Gold Coast 2018 and Glasgow 2014

“I’ve had such a wonderful time volunteering. I enjoyed being part of a big spectacle and knowing that I was helping young athletes to fulfil their dreams. The buzz leading up to the Games was phenomenal, the excitement surrounding the Opening Ceremony and the atmosphere during the Games was surreal."

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