We all know how important it is to keep our bodies and minds as healthy as we can right now. So, as the country’s third national lockdown continues, Birmingham 2022 has a challenge for you – whether you want to add something fresh to your workout routine, or are just looking to stay active while staying at home.

We’ve partnered with Team England to bring you #22for22, a collection of nifty home workout hacks from elite athletes – one top tip to try out every day, for 22 days. Each day, our social channels have featured an easy and fun activity you can try at home, straight from one of 22 different sportspeople who represent a range of Commonwealth Games sports.


If you’re up for joining us and having a go at #22for22, explore the videos below, and show these amazing athletes your own version of each stay at home workout.

Let’s see what you can do!


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Day Twenty Two

Bethan Partridge's Arabesque Step Ups

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Day Twenty One

Katrina Hart's Stair Challenge

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Day Twenty

Melita Emanuel-Carr's Figure-8 Dribbles

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Day Nineteen

Noah Williams' Leg Lunges

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Day Eighteen

Johnboy Smith's Mop Twists

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Day Seventeen

Lauren Smith's Lunge Throws

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Day Sixteen

Sophie Tolchard's Russian Twist

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Day Fifteen

Declan James' Taps & Lunges

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Day Fourteen

Nathaniel Brown's Wall Sits

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Day Thirteen

Heather Fisher's Rugby Ball Challenge

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Day Twelve

Sam Ward's Frying Pan Keep-Ups

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Day Eleven

Ross Wilson's Home Stretches

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Day Ten

Ama Agbeze's Towel Twists

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Day Nine

The Bello Brothers' Plank Keep-ups

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Day Eight

Hannah Cockroft's Water Bottle Weights

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Day Seven

Kelly Peterson-Pollard's Belt Workouts

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Day Six

Joe Fraser's Jumps

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Day Five

Amy Jones' Keep Ups for Coordination

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Day Four

Ali Jawad's perfect press-up

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Day Three

Mimi Cesar's having a ball!

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Day Two

Sarah Davies' Sofa Stretch

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Day One

Tom Bosworth's Superman Plank

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